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Abe Mao Live No.4 at Shibuya Kokaido

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DVD Cover
Blu-ray Cover
Abe Mao
Abe Mao Live No.4 @ Shibuya Kokaido (阿部真央らいぶ No.4 @ 渋谷公会堂)
Catalog Number
PCBP-52105 (Limited Edition (DVD))
PCBP-52106 (Regular Edition (DVD))
PCXP-50095 (Blu-ray)
¥4,700 (Limited Edition (DVD))
¥4,200 (Regular Edition (DVD))
¥5,200 (Blu-ray)
  • Disc 1
  1. How are you?
  2. Tatakai wa Owaranai (戦いは終わらない; The Fight Is Not Over)
  3. Sekai wa Mada Kimi wo Shiranai (世界はまだ君を知らない)
  4. Free (ふりぃ)
  5. Haru (春)
  6. Kimi wo Omotta Uta (君を想った唄)
  7. Jaa, Naze (じゃあ、何故; So, Why)
  8. Anata no Koibito ni Naritai no Desu (貴方の恋人になりたいのです; I Wanna Be Your Lover)
  9. Soba ni Ite (側にいて; Come to Me)
  10. Kirawarete Nai Kana (嫌われてないかな)
  11. Sunday morning
  12. Abe Mao Band x Katte ni Shiyagare Horns Medley
  13. Playboy (プレイボーイ)
  14. loving DARLING
  15. Koko ni Ite (ここにいて)
  16. Itsu no Hi mo (いつの日も; Someday)
  17. Poker Face (ポーカーフェイス)
  18. Motto. (モットー。; More.)
  19. for you
  20. Monroe (モンロー) (Encore)
  21. Lonely (ロンリー) (Encore)
  22. Stalker no Uta ~3-choume, Anata no Ie~ (ストーカーの唄 ~3丁目、貴方の家~; Stalker Song ~3rd Block, Your Home~) (Encore)
  • Disc 2
  1. 19-sai no Uta (19歳の唄; Song of a 19-Year-Old)
  2. Kirei na Uta (キレイな唄; Pretty Song)
  3. Don't leave me
  4. for Lonely (for ロンリー)
  5. Ameagari no Yozora ni (雨上がりの夜空に; To the Post-Rain Nightsky)
  6. Hashire (走れ; Run)
  7. Tsutaetai Koto (伝えたいこと; Things I Wanna Tell You)
  8. Lonely (ロンリー)


Abe Mao Live No.4 @ Shibuya Kokaido is the second DVD and first Blu-ray released by Abe Mao. It features her concert held at Shibuya Public Hall from her first concert hall tour Abe Mao Live No.4 and its documentary. The limited DVD edition and Blu-ray include her concert held at Hibiya Open-Air Concert Hall on August 14th, 2011. The DVD reached #18 on the Oricon weekly charts and charted for two weeks.

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