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Aki Soba ni Iru yo

First Press CD Art
CD Art
Aki Soba ni Iru yo (秋 そばにいるよ)
Catalog Number
PCCA-01777 (First Press), PCCA-01778 (Regular)
  1. Mantle (マント)
  2. Akai Lamp (赤いランプ; Red Lamp)
  3. Umi no Owari (海の終わり; End of the Sea)
  4. Hi to Kage (陽と陰; Light and Shadows)
  5. Hato ni Naritai (鳩になりたい; I Want To Be A Pigeon)
  6. Oyasuminasai (おやすみなさい; Good Night)
  7. Kondo Made ni wa (今度までには; At This Time)
  8. Closet (クローゼット)
  9. Anata to Akushu (あなたと握手; Shaking Hands with You)
  10. Aiaigasa (Asekaki Mix) (相合傘 (汗かきmix); Sharing an Umbrella (Sweat mix))
  11. Sore Dake (それだけ; That's All)
  12. Mokusei (木星; Jupiter)
  13. Kokoro ni Otome (心に乙女; Maiden in My Heart)


Aki Soba ni Iru yo is aiko's fourth album. It reached #2 on the Oricon charts and sold 499,780 copies, becoming the #32 album of 2002. It charted for 13 weeks and sold a total of 505,750 copies.

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