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Chiisa na Marui Koujitsu

CD Art
Chiisa na Marui Koujitsu (小さな丸い好日; Little Calm Good Day)
Catalog Number
  1. Orange na Mangetsu (オレンジな満月; Orange Full Moon)
  2. Jet (ジェット)
  3. Shiseikatsu (私生活; Privacy)
  4. Utahime (歌姫; Songstress)
  5. Akai Kutsu (赤い靴; Red Shoes)
  6. Ijiwaru na Tenshi yo Sekai wo Warae! (イジワルな天使よ 世界を笑え!; Mischievous Angels Laugh at the World!)
  7. Koi Ochiru Toki (恋墜ちる時; When Falling in Love)
  8. Natsu ni Muffler (夏にマフラー; Muffler in Summer)
  9. Bob (ボブ)
  10. Naki Mushi (ナキ・ムシ; Cry Baby)
  11. Ashita (あした; Tomorrow)


Chiisa na Marui Koujitsu is aiko's debut album. It reached #31 on the Oricon charts and managed to stay on the charts for 28 weeks. This is aiko's lowest selling album.

The original jacket featured the album title in white. The 2000, 2001 and 2005 reissues featured the title in blue. The 2008 reissue had the title in red and came with an original sticker. It sold a total of 138,185 copies.

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