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BACK-ON promoting "Cerulean / Silent Trigger" (2014)

BACK-ON (バックオン; Sound Explosion) is a Japanese mixture rock band from the Adachi special ward in Tokyo signed with the avex trax sub-label cutting edge. The group was formed in 2002 by TEEDA, KENJI03, SHU, and GORI. KENJI03's older brother's best friend MACCHIN soon joined as their drummer. In late 2006 MACCHIN left the band and was replaced by ICCHAN in early 2007, who left the band in November 2011. In 2008 they joined the project group BAReeeeeeeeeeN, which helped to increase their popularity.


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BACK-ON promoting "BLAZE LINE / a day dreaming..." (2007)
BACK-ON promoting "flyaway" (2009)
BACK-ON promoting "Connectus and selfish" (2011)
BACK-ON promoting "Ice cream" (2012)

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