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Ballad (Aoyama Thelma)

Album Cover
Aoyama Thelma
Catalog Number
  1. Nandomo (何度も; How Many Times)
  2. Mama e (ママへ; To Mom)
  3. DIARY
  4. Suki Desu. (好きです。; I Like.)
  5. Kaeru Basho (帰る場所; The Place We'll Return to)
  6. Cinderella Story
  7. Uso Demo Iikara (嘘でもいいから)
  8. Daikkirai Demo Arigato (大っきらい でもありがと; I Hate You, But Thanks)
  9. WITHOUT U feat. 4Minute
  10. Wasurenai yo (忘れないよ; I Won't Forget)
  11. Futari no Yakusoku no Hi (二人の約束の日)
  12. Zutto. (ずっと。; Much.)
  13. I Don't Want To Miss A Thing (original: Aerosmith)
  14. Every Breath You Take duet with Brian Mcknight (original: The Police)
  15. MY ANGEL


BALLAD is the fourth compilation album released by Aoyama Thelma. It features all her best ballads. The album will be simultaneously released with UP BEAT.

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