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Beloved (Jewelry)

From generasia
Album Cover
  1. Be my love
  2. Niga Cham Joha (니가 참 좋아; I Really Like You)
  3. Baboya (바보야; Fool)
  4. Sarangiran Iyuro (사랑이란 이유로; I Love You Too)
  5. Fantasy
  6. Amore (Buje: Areumdaun Ibyeol) (부제:아름다운 이별; Love: Beautiful Farewell)
  7. Gobaek (고백; Confession)
  8. So Long
  9. Yuhok (유혹; Temptation)
  10. Ggeut (끝; End)
  11. Dear my heart
  12. My Life


Beloved is the third album released by Jewelry. The songs "Be my love" and "Naga Cham Joha" were used as lead tracks. The song "Baboya" was also promoted. The image of this album is similar to their debut concept, very romantic and cute, with cute pop songs about love and relationships, but this time it had a mature edge to it. Both lead tracks reached high on Korean Music Charts.

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