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Kitchi Island

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Album Cover
Kitchi Island
  1. Naneun Na Neoneun Neo (나는 나 너는 너; I Am I And You Are You)
  2. ..holic
  3. ONE more time
  4. Moreulkkabwaseo (모를까봐서; Is Not Likely to Know)
  5. the Cradle Song
  6. black DIAMOND
  7. Modu Da Swit! (모두 다 쉿!; Everybody Shh)
  8. Stay with ME
  9. Don't Know Why
  10. Moreulkkabwaseo (Inst.) (모를까봐서)
  11. ONE more time (Inst.)


Kitchi Island is Jewelry's 5th album. This is the first release featuring new members Eun Jung and Baby-J. The songs "ONE more time" and "Modu Da Swit!" were used as the lead tracks. The image of this album is alot more mature than their previous releases, with sexy R&B and upbeat songs. The lead track "ONE more time" became a huge hit for the group and gained even more popularity for Jewelry. Both lead tracks reached high on Korean Music Charts.

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