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Can't Stop (CNBLUE)

Regular Edition Cover
Can't Stop II Cover
Special Edition Cover
Can't Stop
2014.03.11 (Can't Stop II)
2014.03.18 (Special Edition)
  1. Can't Stop
  2. Diamond Girl
  3. Dokhan Sarang (독한 사랑; Cold Love)
  4. Jam Mot Deuneun Bam (잠 못 드는 밤; Sleepless Night)
  5. Love is...
  6. Aiui Norae (아이의 노래; Children's Song)


Can't Stop is CNBLUE's sixth Korean mini-album. The cover art states that Can't Stop is their fifth mini-album, this, however, is due FIRST STEP +1 THANK YOU being counted as a repackage release. The song with same title was used as lead track. The mini-album's release day was originally February 24 but due to a leak, the digital release got anticipated in 1 day. A new edition, titled Can't Stop II, was released 2 weeks later with a new front cover, a new booklet, one random member standing paper (up to 4 types) and one random poster (up to 4 types). A week later, a special edition of the album was released in a LP package, limited to 30.000 copies, with a special 48 untied photos.

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