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First Step

Regular Edition Cover
Special Limited Edition Cover
2011.03.21 (Regular Edition)
2011.04.07 (Special Limited Edition)
  1. Jikgam (직감; Intuition)
  3. Sangsang (Imagine) (상상)
  4. I don't know why
  5. Sarangeun Bireul Tago (사랑은 비를 타고; Love Follows the Rain)
  6. Lie
  7. one time
  8. Just Please
  9. Wanna Be Like U
  10. Ready N Go
  11. Gomawoyo (고마워요; Thank You)
  12. One of a kind (Bonus Track)


FIRST STEP is CNBLUE's first Korean album. The song "Jikgam" was used as lead track for the album. Only four new songs were included on it as the rest are Korean versions of songs previously released in Japan. The songs "I don't know why" and "Lie" were previously released on their second Japanese single "I don't know why", the songs "one time" and "Ready N Go" were released on their first Japanese single "The Way", the song "Just Please" was released on their debut Japanese mini-album Now or Never, the songs "Wanna Be Like U" and "One of a kind" were released on their second Japanese mini-album VOICE, and the song "Gomawoyo", originally titled "a.ri.ga.tou.", was released on their first Japanese album ThankU.

On April 7, a special limited edition of the album was also released with a limited pressing of 30,000 copies. This edition contain the same tracklist as the regular edition but contains a 80-page photobook with photos from "Jikgam" and "LOVE GIRL" (the second lead track from the album) music videos making of.

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