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D'ERLANGER promoting #Sixx (2013)

D'ERLANGER is a Japanese rock band signed to cutting edge, a sub-label of avex trax. They were active from 1983 to 1990, and in 2007 they reunited once again. The band was one of the first visual bands and pioneered the visual musical style which was later used by bands like LUNA SEA and Kuroyume.


Former Members


The band formed in 1983 and disbanded seven years later in 1990. The guitarist CIPHER was only 15 when the band formed. The vocalist kyo and the drummer Tetsu were hide's bandmates in SAVER TIGER. After they disbanded, kyo formed DIE IN CRIES and later BUG. CIPHER and Tetsu formed BODY and later joined up with with ex-ZI:KILL member, SEIICHI to form CRAZE. SEELA, the bassist, became a support member for VINIL and formed some bands such as FIX, ATOMIC ZaZa and finally No Stars Innovation which just disbanded in 2006.

They released two studio albums in March of 2007: PANDORA features the "best" ten songs from their earlier albums, LA VIE EN ROSE and BASILISK, and came with a DVD. LAZZARO features thirteen new songs.


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