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D.I.E (2011)

D.I.E (or DIE) is a Japanese musician, keyboardist arranger and producer. He became known as the keyboardist of hide's band, hide with Spread Beaver. Currently, he is the keyboardist of the bands Ra:IN and Minimum Rockets.



D.I.E debuted as a supporting guest artist, playing the keyboard for such popular bands as ZI:KILL, DER ZIBET, GLAY and X JAPAN which is how he met hide.

He was also in a band called LOOPUS and was the support keyboardist of Aikawa Nanase, Hisamatsu Fumina, Hajime Okano, Ritsu Saito and Sintiro Mizwe.

On May 19th, 2007, Pata added D.I.E to his band Ra:IN. He's also the keyboardist of Minimum Rockets.


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