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FAKE (band)

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FAKE? is a Japanese rock band.


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In late 2001, ex-Oblivion Dust member Ken Lloyd joined up with ex-LUNA SEA member INORAN and formed FAKE?, altHought they did NOt actually release any work or show until the early February 2002, where the two of them held a small two-day SHOW CASE event at LIQUIDROOM Shinjuku. A short time later, they released their first single "TASTE MAXIMUM". Then, they released another single "SOMEDAY" and their first album BREATHE IN... which reached the top 30 in the Oricon charts despite a lack of promotion, major magazine interviews or photo-sessions. In this album, their respective musical influences can be heard: slightly more trip-hop songs were composed by INORAN, slightly more rock/punk songs composed by Ken. Then, they added support members and took part in the Summersonic festival 2002 in Tokyo, Osaka, and Hong Kong. They also played in gigs at Nagoya Diamond Hall, Osaka Namba Hatch and the Akasaka Blitz. On November 2nd, the band started its Live Tour, doing 7 concerts in 5 towns and advancing its new songs from the single HERE WE GO and their second album TOMORROW TODAY. The final concert of this tour, on November 24, at ZEPP Tokyo, was later broadcasted in Japan by WOWOW.

In January 2003, they released TOMORROW TODAY and a new live tour. Due to differences about the direction of their careers, they changed their label from Warner Music Japan to Tokuma Japan Communications.

In the beginning of 2004, they performed the concert STEPPING STONE EXTRA DATE which was later to be released as their first DVD. On March 13, they released the mini-album New Skin. Shortly thereafter, they released another single "PRAISE" and another album titled THE ART OF LOSING TOUCH. They began their Tour of Losing Touch, playing at 6 locations. The last event of this tour was on July 6 at the Shibuya-AX, where their TOUR OF LOSING TOUCH TOUR OF LOSING TOUCH SHIBUYA-AX DVD was recorded. Subsequent tours were titled Tour of Losing Touch -Live Like Billy- (in direct allusion to the "[[Just Like Billy|JUST LIKE BILLY]"] single) and the Tour of Losing Touch -Final-.

The 2005, they released the single "PULSE" along with "PULSE (English Version)" and released the album MADE WITH AIR. After the Tour of [?], INORAN left the band in October, due to musical differences, but both continued with their friendship. Ken Lloyd announced that the group would continue and short time later released the LIVE TOUR ? FINAL at SHIBUYA-AX DVD which was recorded from the last live performance of Tour of [?] together with a best album titled simply FAKE? BEST ALBUM.

The 2006 started with the arrive of ERIC as new support and then the band makes one new album called SONGS FROM BEELZEBUB (with the collaboration of the former LUNA SEA member Shinya in some songs), for then does a tour in Japan titled LIVE FROM BEELZEBUB tour that finished on July 4 at the Ebisu Liquid Room and then a show at Pentaport rock festival in South Korea on July 29.

Then, appeared a new album titled MARILYN IS A BUBBLE with the participation of Tsuchiya Anna, HIDE and U-TA (BUCK-TICK), ALI (MONORAL) and others. Besides KAZ, d-kiku and Shigeo (mold, The SAMOS) participated each one in a remix song, that were released on the internet as a bonus to those who bought the albums SONGS FROM BEELZEBUB and MARILYN IS A BUBBLE. For then the band does one tour called Live With Marilyn in the early 2007 and afterwards announce an one concert for 2007, in July 28th at Ebisu Liquid Room in Tokyo, because Ken Lloyd wanted to concentrate on the returned of Oblivion Dust and besides the support members are taking a break for work on their solo and side projects. Ken has announced that a new FAKE? album is in the process of being written, though.



Best Albums


  • [2004.03.13] New Skin
  • [2012.11.19] NAIL E.P. (limited EP for those who bought it on "FAKE? Showcase III" gig at Daikanyama UNIT)
  • [2013.06.23] STONE E.P. (limited EP for those who bought it on "Fallen Angels" gig at Daikanyama UNIT)



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