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In the Chaos

Little Wing single cover
JAM Project featuring Okui Masami
In the Chaos
Okui Masami
Kohno Yohgo
Other Information
Arrangement: Kahno Yohgo

In the Chaos is a pop song recorded by JAM Project featuring Okui Masami. The song was used as the final ending song of the anime: Galaxy Angel. The lead vocal performed by Okui Masami, and the rap is recorded by Endoh Masaaki.


In the Chaos
The original version of the song, released on the JAM Project single Little Wing as track #2. And later released on their second BEST COLLECTION album: FREEDOM ~JAM Project BEST COLLECTION II~ as track #7.
In the Chaos (off vocal)
Karaoke version of the song. Found on the Little Wing as track #4. This version doesn't contain the vocal as well as the rap.
In the Chaos (cover)
Later Endoh Masaaki covered this song on his first cover album: ENSON. The lead vocal is performed by Endoh Masaaki and the rap is performed by Okui Masami. The arrangement is different than the original.

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