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It's Raining

Korea Album Cover
Japan, Hong Kong Album Cover
Taiwan Album Cover
2004.10.08 (Korea)
2005.02.16 (Japan)
2005.06.24 (Hong Kong)
2005.08.17 (Taiwan)
Catalog Number
KICP-1054 (Japan)
¥3,200 (Japan)
CD Tracklist
  1. Hago Sipeotdeon Mal (하고 싶었던 말; What I Want to Say)
  2. It's Raining
  3. I Do
  4. Familiar Face
  5. 11 days
  6. Quiz
  7. MY Groove (feat. Epik High)
  8. Nan (난; I)
  9. Biggest Thing
  10. Wanna Talk
  11. But I Love You
  12. Chajayo (찾아요; Looking For)
  13. No No No
  14. To You
  15. I Love You
  16. I Do (Japanese Version) (Japanese Release Only)
  17. I Do (Thai Version) duet with Panadda (Thailand Release Only)
Korea Ed. VCD Tracklist
  1. It's Raining (making the video)
Japan Ed. DVD Tracklist
  1. I Do (Japanese Version) PV
  2. It's Raining PV
  3. Recording & Photo Session
  4. Message
Hong Kong Ed. DVD Tracklist
  1. It's Raining MV
  2. I Do MV
Taiwan Ed. VCD Tracklist
  1. It's Raining MV
  2. I Do MV
  3. It's Raining (making the video)


IT'S RAINING is Rain's third album. It was released in different Asian countries, with the same CD tracklist but different extras.

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