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Rain's World

Korea Album Cover
Special Edition + Diary Cover
Japan Album Cover
Special Edition Album Cover
Rain's World / Rain's World Special Edition
2006.10.13 (Korea)
2006.12.20 (Japan)
2006.12.28 (Special Ed.)
Catalog Number
KICP-1211 (Japan)
¥3,150 (Japan)
CD Tracklist
  1. Rain's World
  2. I'm Coming (feat. Tablo)
  3. With U
  4. Naega Nuweottdeon Chimdae (내가 누웠던 침대; In My Bed)
  5. Harudo (하루도; Not a Single Day)
  6. Cassiopeia (feat. Lim Jeong Hee) (카시오페아 (feat. 임정희))
  7. Him & Me (feat. Dynamic Duo)
  8. Don't Stop
  9. Touch Ya (feat. Taewan aka C-LUV)
  10. Move On
  11. Oh Yeah (feat. AI)
  12. Friends (feat. Tiger JK)
  13. To My Friends
  14. Na (B-Garage Remix) (나; I)
  15. Nappeun Namja (Tango version) (나쁜 남자; Bad Guy) (Special Ed. Only)
  16. I'm Coming (feat. Tablo) (Home-Grown version) (Special Ed. Only)
  17. Na (Acoustic ver.) (Special Ed. Only)
  18. With U (Hybrid Beat ver.) (Special Ed. Only)
Japanese and Repackage ver. DVD Tracklist
  1. Recording and Jacket Photoshoot (Special Ed. Only)
  2. Music Video Making Of (Special Ed. Only)
  3. I'm Coming (feat. Tablo) PV
  4. Naega Nuweottdeon Chimdae PV


Rain's World is Rain's fourth album. It was released two years after his third album IT'S RAINING. In December 2006, at the same time as the Japanese release, the repackaged album Rain's World Special Edition, was released. This album came in two editions, CD+DVD and CD+DVD+Diary.

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