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Jolin 1019

Cover Art
2nd Edition
3rd Edition
4th Edition
Jolin Tsai
2005.03.25 (Reissue)
Catalog Number
1538792D (Reissue)
CD Tracklist
  1. The Rose (original: Bette Midler)
  2. Because of You (original: 98 Degrees)
  3. Wo Zhi Dao Ni Hen Nan Guo (我知道你很難過; I Know You Feel Sad)
  4. Cai Xiang (猜想; Guess)
  5. Ni Shi Shui (你是誰; Who Are You?)
  6. He Shi Jie Zuo Lin Ju (Wo Ke Yi) (和世界做鄰居(我可以); Living With The World (I Can))
  7. Shang Jie (上街; Out On The Streets)
  8. Guai Wo Tai Nian Qing (怪我太年輕; Blame It On My Youth)
  9. Goodbye (你快樂我內傷; You Hurt My Feelings)
  10. Kong Bai (空白; Blank)


1019 is the debut studio album released by Jolin Tsai. Due to the album's popularity, Jolin shot to stardom and had started to become known as the "Teenage Boy Killer". The album was released in other versions with extra VCDs. It was reissued in 2005 at a cheaper price.

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