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Lucky Number

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Cover Art
2nd Edition
VCD Edition

Jolin Tsai
Lucky Number
Catalog Number
0147822A (2nd Edition)
CD Tracklist
  1. Bridge Over Troubled Water
  2. Kan Jin Wo (看緊我; I Keep a Close Eye)
  3. Lucky Number
  4. Ru Guo Bu Xiang Yao (如果不想要; If You Don't Want to)
  5. Bu Shou (捕手; Catcher)
  6. Take It Easy
  7. Zhi You Yi Ge Ni (只有一個你; Only You)
  8. Ni Zhe Me Lian Hua Dou Shuo Bu Qing Chu (你怎麼連話都說不清楚; How Do You Say It Even if It's Unclear)
  9. Surprise
  10. You Wo (由我; Let Me)
VCD Tracklist
  1. Lucky Number (MV)
  2. Ru Guo Bu Xiang Yao (MV)
  3. Ni Zhe Me Lian Hua Dou Shuo Bu Qing Chu (MV)
  4. Take It Easy (MV)
  5. Bu Shou (MV)
  6. Surprise (MV)
  7. Kan Jin Wo (MV)
  8. You Wo (MV)
  9. Zhi You Yi Ge Ni (MV)
  10. DONGXIN E-generation (CM)
  11. 520 (CM)
  12. My Wap (Friend Version) (CM)
  13. My Wap (Party Version) (CM)
  14. World Ad (CM)
  15. Space Ad (CM)


"Lucky Number" is the fourth studio album released by Jolin Tsai. It was released in two version, standard and deluxe. The latter included an extra photobook. Lucky Number proved to be her most unsuccessful album when it was released despite the fact that she returned to the style that made her first two albums hits. A VCD version was later released which featured all the music videos from the album and commercials promoting the songs.

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