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Pei (Jolin Tsai album)

Regular Edition Cover
"Play Drama Actress" Edition Cover
"Absolutely Play Medusa" Edition Cover
Deluxe Edition Cover
Digital Edition Cover
Jolin Tsai
Pēi (呸)
2014.11.15 (Digital)
2015.02.06 (Deluxe)
NT$ 498 (Actress/Medusa)
NT$ 378 (Regular)
NT$ 478 (Deluxe)
CD Tracklist
  1. Dì Èr Xìng (第二性; Gentlewomen)
  2. Play (Wǒ Pēi) (Play 我呸)
  3. Medusa (美杜莎)
  4. Chún Yǔ (唇語; Lip Reading)
  5. I'm Not Yours (feat. Namie Amuro)
  6. Zì Ài Zì Shòu (自愛自受; I Love, I Embrace)
  7. Miss Trouble
  8. Diànhuà Hánghòu (電話皇后; Phony Queen)
  9. Dì Sān Rénchēng (第三人稱; The Third Person And I)
  10. Bù Yīyàng Yòu Zěnyàng (不一樣又怎樣; We're All Different, Yet The Same)
    iTunes Deluxe Version - Bonus Tracklist (Music Videos)
  11. Dì Èr Xìng (第二性)
  12. Play (Wǒ Pēi) (Play 我呸)
  13. Medusa (美杜莎)
  14. Diànhuà Hánghòu (電話皇后)
  15. Dì Sān Rénchēng (第三人稱)
  16. Bù Yīyàng Yòu Zěnyàng (不一樣又怎樣)
"Deluxe Edition" DVD Tracklist
  1. Play (Wǒ Pēi) (Play我呸)
  2. Dì Sān Rénchēng (第三人稱)
  3. Medusa (美杜莎)
  4. Bù Yīyàng Yòu Zěnyàng (不一樣又怎樣)
  5. Dì Èr Xìng (第二性)
  6. Diànhuà Hánghòu (電話皇后)
  7. Chún Yǔ (唇語)
  8. Zì Ài Zì Shòu (自愛自受)
  9. I'm Not Yours (feat. Namie Amuro)


PLAY or Pēi is the 13th studio album released by Jolin Tsai. It was originally released in three versions; two pre-order editions called the "Play Drama Actress" version and the "Absolutely Play Medusa" version, and a regular edition. The Play Drama Actress version comes with a 48-page photobook featuring pictures shot in New York by Serbian photographer Marko Krunic. 24 outfits were designed for her by the American styling team The Blonds. The Absolutely Play Medusa version comes with a 24-page photobook featuring pictures shot in Hong Kong by photographer Wing Shya and a Woohoo mask. Her outfit was designed by Versace. The regular edition comes with posters and a clear pouch.

Pēi (呸) is a homophone of "play", and means "pooh" or "bah" (to spit (with contempt)). The album title, according to Tsai, is intended to relay how script, acting, and performance have helped her gaining experiences and wisdom throughout the past two years. She hopes that with her new witty music and image, fans will find her album to be playful and joyful, as well as bring optimism to the future. Sixty million NTD was budgeted for the album's production.

All tracks (with the exception of "Miss Trouble") on the album are also accompanied by a music video, thus defining it as a visual album. The songs "Diànhuà Hánghòu", "PLAY (Wǒ Pēi)" and "Dì Sān Rénchēng" were released prior to the album's release as digital singles.

The directors of the music videos were: Jeff Chang ("Diànhuà Hánghòu"), Muh Chen ("Play (Wǒ Pēi)" and "I'm Not Yours"), Fu Tienyu ("Dì Sān Rénchēng"), Jennifer Wu ("Medusa"), Scott Beardslee & Kitty Lin ("Dì Èr Xìng"), Thomas Wyatt & Edwin Eversole ("Chún Yǔ" and "Zì Ài Zì Shòu"), Hou Chijian ("Bù Yīyàng Yòu Zěnyàng").

On February 6, 2015, the album was re-released under the title Pēi PLAY Guójì Háohuá Bǎn (呸 PLAY國際豪華版; PLAY International Deluxe Edition) or Pēi (Deluxe Edition) including a bonus DVD featuring the music videos and a 2015 weekly planner.

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