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Kimi to no Distance

Album Cover
Kimi to no Distance (君とのDistance; The Distance with You)
Catalog Number
  1. Natsu wo Matsu Sail no You ni (夏を待つセイル(帆)のように; Like the Sail that Waits for Summer)
  2. Sayonara Made no Distance (サヨナラまでのディスタンス; The Distance to Farewell)
  3. Kakegae no Nai Mono (かけがえのないもの; Irreplaceable Things)
  4. Kyou wa Yukkuri Hanasou (今日はゆっくり話そう; Let's Take Our Time to Talk)
  5. Kimi to no Fureai (君とのふれあい; A Connection with You)
  6. Separate Ways (セパレート・ウェイズ)
  7. Last Good-bye
  8. Hoshi no Kagayaki yo (星のかがやきよ; The Star's Brilliance)
  9. Tsuki ni Negai wo (月に願いを; A Wish to the Moon)
  10. Anata to Tomo ni Ikite Yuku (あなたと共に生きて行く; Living with You)
  11. I can't tell
  12. good-night sweetheart
  13. Kimi to Kyou no Koto wo Isshou Wasurenai (君と今日の事を一生忘れない; I Won't Forget About Today with You for the Rest of My Life)


Kimi to no Distance is ZARD's eleventh and final studio album, and the final album released during Sakai's lifetime. It reached #3 on the Oricon weekly charts, charted for eighteen weeks and sold 151,840 units.

World Chart Positions

Week 1
Position 25

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