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Lucy is a Japanese rock band.



Lucy was founded in early 2004, by Kiyoshi and Imai Hisashi when BUCK-TICK and machine were having a break. They released their first album Rockarollica in early summer and after that they also started the tour, Lucy Tour2004, Lucy Show ~Shout, Speed, Shake your ROCKAROLLICA~. They played 12 shows, the last one was at Cafe Le PSYENCE in hide Museum. DVD containing live and off-stage material was released in November. After this the band went on hiatus because of the releases and tours of the members' other bands.

In autumn 2005, Lucy played 3 concerts, one with Wakusei, one with Kiyoharu and one on their own. Later in March 2006 they released their first single BULLETS -Shooting Super Star- and month later the second album called Rockarollica II.

Lucy hasn't announced any official information about disbanding or having a break.





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