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Mabeop Sonyeo

Music video screen caps
Orange Caramel
Mabeop Sonyeo (마법소녀(魔法少女); Magic Girl)
Cho Young Soo
Other Information
Arrangement: Cho Young Soo

“Mabeop Sonyeo” is a pop song recorded by Orange Caramel, track #1 on their debut mini-album The First Mini Album. The song was used as the lead single and was written by Wheesung and composed by Cho Young Soo who has also produced songs for Seo In Young, 4minute, and MC Mong. The track was described as a 1980's retro pop, medium tempo song and the image concept is a sweet, cute, and sporty look to appeal to a global market; it was announced the group planned to promote in China and around the world. "Mabeop Sonyeo" was said to be a song that is easy to sing to with an addictive rhythm, and the group was prescribed to be introducing a new genre called "Candy Music". The song reached #96 on the Gaon 2010 digital yearly charts with 1,488,907 copies sold.

TV performances


The debut performance for "Mabeop Sonyeo" was at Music Bank on June 18, 2010. Their following performances were at Music Core on June 19th and Inkigayo on June 20th. According to Pledis Entertainment, after their performance on Inkigayo aired on June 20, 2010, the groups' official website's server was down for 7 hours due to many fans accessing the site at the same time.

Music Video

The MV was released on June 16, 2010. It began with the girls sitting down chatting in a fictitious bakery called "Orange Caramel". They become silent and stare in awe when Min Hyuk from CNBLUE walks past them with his bike. The song then begins to play over a scene of the group doing choreography in pink polka dot dresses in the bakery. The music video is then interspersed with solo and group scenes of the group lip synching the lyrics. Minhyuk then returns to the bakery to give Nana a bunch of balloons and when she receives them, they lift her into the air.