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Orange Caramel

Orange Caramel promoting Nacheoreom Haebwayo (2014) L to R: Raina, Nana & Lizzy

Orange Caramel (오렌지캬라멜) is a sub unit of the Korean pop girl group After School. In 2012 they debuted in Japan under avex.


  • Raina (Leader, Main Vocals)
  • Nana (Vocals, Visual, Main Rapper)

Former Members

  • Lizzy (Lead Vocals, Lead Rapper)


Orange Caramel promoting The First Mini Album (2010)

Orange Caramel is the first sub-unit announced and debuted from After School. On June 6th, 2010, Pledis Entertainment announced Nana as the first member of Orange Caramel. Each of the following members were announced individually, with Raina announced as the second member on June 7th, and Lizzy as the final member of the group on June 8th.

Nana, Raina and Lizzy were at that moment the youngest members from After School, and they were selected because the innocent and cute image of the new unit.

First Mini Album & Second Mini Album

Orange Caramel promoting "Shanghai Romance" (2011)

Their debut mini-album, just titled The First Mini Album, was released on June 17, 2010. The music video of the lead track, "Mabeop Sonyeo" featured CNBLUE's drummer Kang Min Hyuk.

Their second mini-album, just titled The Second Mini Album, was released on October 18th.

Debut in Japan

Orange Caramel promoting "My Sweet Devil" (2012)

Although a Japanese version of the song "Shanghai Romance" was released as a bonus track on the album debut of After School in Japan, "PlayGirlrz" this was not its official debut in Japan.

Orange Caramel officially debuted in Japan on September 5, 2012 with the single "My Sweet Devil" which included the song Yasashii Akuma and Magic Girl Japanese Version, and the instrumentals of each song.

First Korean Album

Pledis Entertainment revealed that after the release of Japanese single Orange Caramel, the band returned to Korea next week and released her first studio album on September 12, 2012, entitled Lipstick.

Orange Caramel promoting Lipstick (2012)

According to an interview with the member Nana shortly after the release of the album Lipstick, this group is no longer considered a sub-unit After School, but because as a group independent thanks to its popularity in several countries in Asia. If she Raina and Lizzy decided to withdraw from After School, that does not mean the disappearance of Orange Caramel, the group could continue their activities without problems.

2nd Japanese Single & First Japanese Album

The December 12, 2012 they released their second single Japanese called Lipstick / Lum no Love Song the cula they includes three 6 Songs as the Japanese version of Lipstick, Lum no Love Song cover of a famous anime called Urusei Yatsura, the vesion Japanese Milkshake and backing of each song.

Orange Caramel returns with his first album japan Full Length Orange Caramel called, was launched on March 13, 2013. His first Japanese album will contain 13 songs: two new versions in Japanese Aing ♡, Bangkok City, Shanghai Romance, Lipstick, Magic Girl, Sweet Devil, Lamu No Love Song and 6 unreleased material!.

Korean Comeback

Orange Caramel made a comeback in March 2014 with the single "Catallena".

Orange Caramel promoting ORANGE CARAMEL (2013)


  • Official Fanclub Name: Candies
  • Official Balloon Color: Yellow & Pink

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Youth Travel

  • [2013.07.12] Youth Travel


  • [2010.10.01] 1th Korean Visual Arts Festival - Photogenic Award
  • [2012] SBS MTV Best of the Best: Best Comic Video - "Lipstick"

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