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Maruyama Ryuhei

Maruyama Ryuhei

Maruyama Ryuhei is a member and bassist of Johnny's Entertainment group Kanjani8.


  • Name: Maruyama Ryuhei (丸山隆平)
  • Nickname: Maru, Maru-chan
  • Birthday: November 26, 1983 (1983-11-26) (age 38)
  • Birthplace: Kyoto Prefecture, Japan
  • Blood Type: A
  • Height: 175 cm
  • Weight: 65 kg
  • Shoe Size: 27.5cm


  • His image color is orange.
  • Has said that if his very, very cute little sister gets a boyfriend... He'll have to discuss the matter with their father.
  • Loves sweets and hates green pepper and bitter vegetables.
  • Together with Murakami he came up with the nickname Tatsuyoshi for Ohkura, claiming that Tadayoshi was too hard to say.
  • His phrase for confession would be; "I love you so much to you".
  • At concerts during MC he and Subaru very often talk in unison - even making the intonation the same.
  • He hasn't said this himself, but it's very probable that his favorite phrase/word is "PAAAAN!!".



  • [2006] Double as Maruyama
  • [2006] Jitensha Shonenki as Souta
  • [2006] Meitantei Catherine vs Totsukawa Keibu as Tsuchida Shirou (?)