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Mazda Julia

Mazda Julia (2015)

Mazda Julia (松田樹利亜) is a Japanese rock singer-songwriter. She debuted in 1993 under Warner Music Japan releasing the Tamura Naomi penned single "Dakishimete mo Tomaranai". During this time Mazda released many popular singles: "Damattenaide", "FOREVER DREAM", "Makenai Broken Heart", and " Fly So High". After the release of her third record Julia III worked on shedding her idol image and re-emerged in 2001 as a singer-songwriter on STEEL & SILK.


  • Stage Name: 松田樹利亜 (Mazda Julia, Matsuda Juria)
  • Birth Date: 1975.02.07
  • Blood Type: A
  • Home Town: Kyoto
  • Birthplace: Osaka


Mazda was classmates with former idol Kawada Junko, actress Mizuno Miki and talent Anai Yuko at Hinode Chuugakkou Koutougakkou. Mazda, under the name Toyoda Juri (豊田樹里) won the singing section of the third nation-wide beauty contest. She also debuted in 1990 with this name as a part of a teen idol group called BABY'S. The group's first single "EVERYBODY ~YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE~" reached #58 on the weekly Oricon chart, yet the two singles released after this one did not chart on Oricon at all. The group dissolved in 1991.

In 1993 debuted as a solo artist under Hummingbird Records (which later became a part of Warner Music Japan) with the single "Dakishimete mo Tomaranai" and her debut album, Julia I, which reached #2 on the weekly Oricon charts. In 1993, Mazda released her best selling single, "Damattenaide", which was used as the Camellia Diamond CM song. She then became one of the representatives for the genre of Girl Pop during that time.

In 1997 Mazda made her move to avex trax's cutting edge sub-label and released her first best album 1494 ~Julia's Best Selection~. She later when on a hiatus from show business for a couple years. She re-emerged in 2001, when she changed labels and went to Victor Entertainment. She released the single Starting UP in the same year and was considered her comeback from hiatus. But after having a fallout with the her record label and agency, Oscar Promotion, Mazda left the label and signed with Wave Master in 2003.


Mazda promoting "Makenai Broken Heart" (1994)

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