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Anai Yuko

Anai Yuko

Anai Yuko (穴井夕子} is a Japanese talent, actress, former idol singer, and former member of the idol group Tokyo Performance Doll.


  • Married Name: Yokota Yuko (横田夕子)
  • Birthdate: June 7, 1974 (1974-06-07) (age 47)
  • Birthplace: Kusu, Oita Prefecture
  • Blood Type: A
  • TPD Groups:


Anai Yoko first competed and made the final round in the All Japan National Beauty Contest in 1988 but lost to Hosokawa Naomi. She later won the grand prix a year later for Japan Telenet's Valis: The Fantasm Soldier Image Girl contest. She joined the idol group Tokyo Performance Doll in 1990. There, she did many things like being a talento on various variety shows and even a radio DJ.

After she graduated from TPD in 1995, Anai later joined the JUDY AND MARY-like rock band ORANGE. She later married professional golfer Yokota Shinichi in 2000. But, she quickly discovered afterwards that she couldn't have a kid due to a hormone unbalance called Endometriosis. But, this didn't stop Anai from having children as she adopted a son from a friend in 2002. But, in March 2007, she was able to give birth to a daughter.





Compilations / Others


  • [1994.xx.xx] Yume no Kanaekata (夢のかなえかた)
  • [1999.xx.xx] Peche
  • [2002.xx.xx] Futari Hajime (ふたりはじめ)
  • [2003.xx.xx] Inochi ni Aitai -Baby Meets MaMa- (命にあいたい-Baby Meets MaMa-)

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