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Minami Yurina

Minami Yurina (2019)

Minami Yurina (南有梨菜) is a Japanese pop singer and Idol managed by STU. She is currently a second generation member of STU48.


  • Name: Minami Yurina (南有梨菜)
  • Nickname: Yurinya (ゆりにゃ)
  • Birthdate: December 18, 2002 (2002-12-18) (age 21)
  • Birthplace: Osaka, Japan
  • Blood Type: B
  • Hobbies: Looking at delicious sweets
  • Specialties: Clarinet, imitating a dog
  • Bands / Groups:

STU48 Song Participation


Single Participating Song Position/Unit
Mubou na Yume wa Sameru Koto ga Nai Bokura no Shunkashuutou
Omoidaseru Koi wo Shiyou Omoidaseru Koi wo Shiyou 2nd Gen Kenkyuusei
Hetare-tachi yo Koukai Nanka Aru Wakenai


  • Originally a second generation member of STU48 Kenkyuusei, she was promoted to an official member on September 12, 2021. On October 12, 2021, it was announced that she would be leaving the group at a later-announced date.

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