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NARUTO Best Hit Collection 2

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Album Cover
NARUTO Best Hit Collection 2
2006.08.02 (CD+DVD)
2008.07.23 (CD Only)
Catalog Number
SVWC-7367 (CD+DVD)
SVWC-7571 (CD Only)
¥3,360 (CD+DVD)
¥3,045 (CD Only)
  1. TiA - "Ryuusei" (流星; Shooting Star)
  2. YUKI - "Home Sweet Home" (ワインド)
  3. Sambomaster - "Seishun Kyousoukyoku" (青春狂騒曲; Youth Rhapsody)
  4. Captain Straydum - "Mountain A Go Go Two" (マウンテン・ア・ゴーゴー・ツー)
  5. GAGAGA SP - "Hajimete Kimi to Shabetta" (はじめて君としゃべった; I Talked to You for the First Time)
  6. STANCE PUNKS - "NO BOY, NO CRY" (ノーボーイ・ノークライ)
  7. No Regret Life - "Nakushita Kotoba" (失くした言葉; Lost Words)
  8. Analog Fish - "Speed" (スピード)
  9. TUBE - "Ding! Dong! Dang!"
  10. SNOWKEL - "Namikaze Satellite" (波風サテライト; Discord Satellite)
  11. AMADORI - "Soba ni Iru Kara" (そばにいるから; Because I'm By Your Side)
  12. CHABA - "Parade" (パレード)
  13. Akeboshi - "Yellow Moon"
DVD Tracklist
  • Creditless anime openings and endings


NARUTO Best Hit Collection 2 is compilation album of opening and ending theme songs from the anime NARUTO. It was initially released in a limited CD+DVD edition that included three-fold packaging and was later re-released in CD only edition. The album peaked at #10 on the Oricon charts and charted for 14 weeks.

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