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New Look (Amuro Namie)

Single Cover
Amuro Namie
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Arrangement: T.KURA


"NEW LOOK" is a 60's Motown styled pop song released by Amuro Namie. The song represents the 1960's on Amuro's decade themed single "60s 70s 80s". It features samples from The Supremes's hit song "Baby Love". The song was used for Vidal Sassoon's CM campaign in 2008.

The song was certified Double Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of Japan for 500,000 digital downloads, and Triple Platinum for 750,000 cellphone downloads.

Music Video

Amuro Namie promoting the single

The PV which is directed by Kodama Yuichi has a 1960's inspired style. The fashion could be said to be inspired by iconic model Twiggy whom is mentioned during the chorus of the song.

The video begins with a cinematic effect. The opening credits which is stated as a "Premium Vidal Sassoon Presentation" revels the names of the star (Amuro Namie), costume designer (Patricia Field) and hair stylist (Orlando Pita). It then moves on to show Amuro walking towards a mirror. The tattoo which Amuro has on her left shoulder that was made in remembrance of her late mother is apparently covered for this video. As Amuro is singing in the mirror the reflection of herself moves onto a fashion studio and she begins trying on several different outfits and hairstyles that were prominent in the 60's era. The ending of the PV revels that the entire fashion sequence was only a dream as Amuro is lying soundly asleep in front of the mirror.


There are currently two versions of "NEW LOOK" to be found in Amuro Namie's discography. They are the following:

Found on Amuro Namie's "60s 70s 80s" single as track #1, and on BEST FICTION album as track #14. This is the standard version that is set to the music video.
NEW LOOK (Instrumental)
Found on Amuro Namie's "60s 70s 80s" single as track #4. This is the standard version, just without the vocals.

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