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MICHIO is a Japanese R&B singer-songwriter and music prouducer.


MICHICO is a famous R&B singer/songwriter, known for her work with Crystal Kay, Namie Amuro (includes SUITE CHIC) and Heartsdales. Born and raised in Tokyo, she now resides in Atlanta, Georgia. She was influenced by her older sister who was into American music, which she naturally acquired the harmony of R&B. After graduating from high school, she took a recommendation from a friend and auditioned to be a club singer Roppongi, which she passed. She was quickly recognized for her talent, performed in the chorus of one of her friends who happened to be a recording artist. She got a chance to experience what it was like to become a real recording singer, and frequently did studio work for many artists. She got her chance at fame when her solo was featured in the album of GIANT SWING PRODUCTIONS in 1999. She eagerly provided more music to artists, and did chorus, vocal arranging, and did other jobs such as back-up singing. She grabbed her first contract with Sony Music Japan International in 2001 (as a solo artist). Her debut single, "tha superstar" was released in September 2002. Since then, she has released one album, and three more singles.





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