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Amuro Namie
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Arrangement: T.KURA

"WILD" is a dance-pop song recorded by Amuro Namie, and produced by T.KURA for GIANT SWING PRODUCTIONS. It first appeared in 2008 on her BEST FICTION TOUR 2008-2009. It was then released as her 33rd (and sixth Double A-side) single "WILD / Dr." in March 2009. The song was later placed and then on Amuro's eighth studio record PAST < FUTURE. It was used as the theme song for the Coca-Cola Zero commercial campaign.

The track was well received by critics and was noted as standout track on the album and in Amuro's career. "WILD" has been described as "a squealing, pulsating electro-infused uptempo number. With a thump that is purely “Gonna Make You Sweat,” Amuro’s is a sweat-worthy stomper with a gloss of dizzying future sounds and manic vocals. In a word: Delicious."[1]

The song also managed to reach #1[2] on Billboard Japan's Hot 100 chart, while the other A-side "Dr." reached #64[3]. "WILD" also received a Gold certification by Recording Industry Association of Japan for over 100,00 cellphone digital downloads.

Music Video

A shot from the video

The music video for "WILD" was directed by Caviar. The video features a futuristic space theme and costumes.


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