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Namie Amuro World

Video Cover
Amuro Namie
1999.11.14 (Amuro world ~chase the chance 19 memories~)
Catalog Number
  1. 1996.5.6 Budokan Live (武道館ライブ)
  2. 1996.7.22 Album SWEET 19 BLUES Hanbai (アルバム「SWEET 19 BLUES」発売; Sweet 19 Blues Album Release)
  3. 1996.8.27&28 Okinawa de no Kaisen Live★ (沖縄での凱旋ライブ★; Trimphant Live in Okinawa)
  4. 1996.8.31&9.1 Chiba Marine de no Saishonen Stadium Live (千葉マリンでの最少年スタジアムライブ; Minimum Age Stadium Live at Chiba Marine Stadium)
  5. 1996.9.20 Jamaica de no Birthday, New York Trip★ (ジャマイカでのバースデイ、ニューヨーク旅行★; Birthday in Jamaica, New York Trip)

NAMIE AMURO WORLD is the first video released by Amuro Namie. The video contains excerpts from various shows and live events with Amuro in 1996. The tape was later re-released in 1999 as Amuro world ~chase the chance 19 memories~. It was released solely in VHS format and is out of print.

Tour Information & Schedule

Excerpts of the Budokan live featured in this release was part of Amuro's "mistio presents AMURO NAMIE with SUPER MONKEY'S TOUR '96" national tour, her widest tour with the SUPER MONKEYS, which spanned 21 dates throughout Japan. Footage from the Okinawa and Chiba performances were part of her "SUMMER PRESENTS '96 AMURO NAMIE with SUPER MONKEY'S" summer concerts, in which her Chiba Marine Stadium performances were filmed for her first concert release, "AMURO NAMIE FIRST ANNIVERSARY", released at the end of 1996.

Date City Venue
1996.03.20 Yokosuka Yokosuka Arts Theater
1996.03.23 Matsuyama Ehime Prefectural Culture Hall
1996.03.24 Hiroshima Hiroshima Postal Service Tax Hall
1996.03.26 Takamatsu Kagawa Prefectural Hall
1996.03.30 Kobe Kobe International Hall, Harbor Land Plaza
1996.03.31 Kyoto Kyoto Hall, Hotel #1
1996.04.02 Fukuoka Fukuoka Sun Palace
1996.04.04 Yokohama Shinagawa Prefectural Hall
1996.04.06 Morioka Iwate Prefectural Hall
1996.04.07 Sendai Sendai Sun Plaza Hall
1996.04.13 Niigata Niigata Prefectural Hall
1996.04.14 Kanazawa Ishikawa Welfare Pension Hall
1996.04.20 Nagoya Nagoya Century Hall
1996.04.21 Shizuoka Shizuoka Civic Cultural Hall
1996.04.27 Kawaguchi Kawaguchi Lilia, Main Hall
1996.04.29 Fuchuu Fuchuu no Mori Arts Theater
1996.05.02 Osaka Osaka-jo Hall
1996.05.06 Tokyo Nippon Budokan
1996.05.11 Matsumoto Matsumoto Cultural Hall
1996.05.18 Kushiro Kushiro City Community Hall
1996.05.19 Sapporo Hokkaido Welfare Pension Hall