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Okada Junichi

Okada Junichi

Okada Junichi (岡田准一) is a member of the Johnny & Associates's group V6 and its subgroup Coming Century. He is also a member of the unit MiMyCen.


  • Nicknames: Junjun, Jun-kun, Jun-chan
  • Birthdate: November 18, 1980 (1980-11-18) (age 41)
  • Birthplace: Hirakata, Osaka Prefecture, Japan
  • Blood Type: B
  • Height: 163cm
  • Weight: 46kg
  • Eyesight: Right 1.2, Left 1.0
  • Family: Grandmother, Mother, Older Sister


  • His least favorite subject is Literature, English and Mathematics.
  • He does not have any least favorite colors or fruits.
  • He collects CD and used to collect milk bottle caps.
  • The dishes that he's good at making are fried rice, grape salad and spaghetti.
  • The thing that he dislike in this world is ghost.
  • He dislike women who are noisy and not professional.
  • He relief stress by going out with his friends.
  • The first thing he do in the morning when he woke up is to wash his face.
  • When his mother was giving birth to him, Okada's father immediately drive her to the hospital. As it's a premature pregnancy, his mother tolerate but in the end give birth to him in the car. As Okada was a premature baby, there wasn't enough oxygen and his body turn purple. His father give a sigh of relief when they reach the hospital but his mother was still trying to pat his face to make him wake up. In the end, the nurses managed to save him.
  • As Okada was a premature baby, his mother thinks that his life force is something to be praised, so she named him "Reiji". But it was strongly objected by his grandmother as she said he must be named "Junichi". So in the end, his name was fixed as "Junichi".
  • His eyes are big but he's bad at aiming eye drops!
  • His hair grows fast and every time he finishes a work, he will change his hairstyle.
  • His legs used to be big that his elder sister called him, "Boneless ham".
  • His treasures are his family, friends, fans, all the people who support him and people whom he knew.
  • His rivals are all the members of V6 but the people that he admired are also them.
  • If he formed a band, he would want to play the drums.
  • Domoto Tsuyoshi once cut Junichi's hair.
  • He proclaims to be a big fan of Kanjani8, especially Yokoyama You.




Voice Actor

Theater Plays

  • [1997] MASK
  • [2003] Elektra (エレクトラ)



  • [2011.02.xx] Popolo April 2011 Issue (Feature)
  • [2011.03.xx] POTATO 2011 April Issue (Feature)