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Sennen Dive!!!!!

Limited Edition Cover
Musing Edition Cover
Regular Edition A Cover
Antic Cafe
Sennen DIVE!!!!! (千年DIVE!!!!!; Thousand Years DIVE!!!!!)
Catalog Number
JBCW-6001 (Limited Edition)
JBCF-9005 (Music Edition)
JBCW-6002 (Regular Edition A)
JBCW-6003 (Regular Edition B [Miku ver.])
JBCW-6004 (Regular Edition B [takuya ver.])
JBCW-6005 (Regular Edition B [Kanon ver.])
JBCW-6006 (Regular Edition B [Yuuki ver.])
JBCW-6007 (Regular Edition B [Teruki ver.])
¥5,400 (Musing Edition)
¥1,800 (Limited Edition)
¥1,000 (Regular Edition A)
¥500 (Regular Editions B)
CD Tracklist
  1. Sennen DIVE!!!!! (千年DIVE!!!!!)
  2. We Can Do It! (Limited Edition)
    Sekai ni Tatta Hitotsu no Nukumori (世界にたった一つの温もり; The Only Warmth to the World) (Musing Edition)
    Smile Ichiban Ii ♀ ~2015 ver. (スマイル一番イイ♀; The Girl with the Best Smile) (Regular Edition A)
DVD Tracklist
  • Limited Edition
  1. "Sennen DIVE!!!!!" MUSIC VIDEO
  2. Making of "Sennen DIVE!!!!!"
  3. Member's Interview
  • Musing Edition
  1. Major Debut Kekki Shuukai ~Miku no Heya e Youkoso~ (メジャーデビュー決起集会!~みくの部屋へようこそ~; Major Debut Pep Rally ~Welcome to Miku's Room~)
  2. Extra Chapter: Ikemen Rock Star e no Michi ~Fashion Coordination Hen~ (番外編:美男(イケメン)ロックスターへの道 ~ファッションコーディネート編~; The Road to Handsome Rock Star ~Fashion Coordination Edit~)


"Sennen DIVE!!!!!" is the major debut single (22nd overall) released by Antic Cafe. The single was released in eight versions: a limited CD+DVD edition, a Musing CD+DVD+A4-Size Photo Album, and a six regular CD only editions (Types A, B [Miku ver.], B [takuya ver.], B [Kanon ver.], B [Yuuki ver.], B [Teruki ver.]).

Regular Edition B Covers=

Miku ver. Cover
takuya ver. Cover
Kanon ver. Cover
Yuuki ver. Cover
Teruki ver. Cover

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