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Sugarless II

Album Cover
Suga Shikao
Sugarless II
Catalog Number
  1. Coffee (コーヒー)
  2. Tsuki to Knife (piano ver.) (月とナイフ; 'Moon and Knife)
  3. Home ni te (ホームにて; At Home)
  4. Natsu Kage (Original ver.) (夏陰 ~なつかげ~; Summer Shade)
  5. Fastener with Sakurai Kazutoshi (Mr.Children) (ファスナー)
  7. Convenience Store (コンビニ)
  8. Mayonaka no Kamotsu Ressha (真夜中の貨物列車)
  9. Neko-san (ネコさん; Mr. Cat)
  10. Galileo no Suushiki (ガリレオの数式; Galileo's Formula)
  11. Kuroi Shimi (黒いシミ; Black Spots)
  12. Progress (piano ver.)
  13. Aozora Pedal (アオゾラペダル; The Sky Blue Petal) (original: ARASHI)
  14. Sekai ga Owaru 5-byou Mae (世界が終わる5秒前)
  15. Nurui Beer (ぬるいビール)
  16. Loveless
  17. 1/3000 Piece (1/3000ピース)
  18. Real Face (original: KAT-TUN)


Sugarless II is the fourth best album released by Suga Shikao. This album is a continuation of the Sugarless album which was released in 2001 and its theme is "Love". It includes self covers, collaboration song with Sakurai Kazutoshi (from Mr. Children) and the songs which are not included in his studio albums. First press editions come with a slipcase featuring an alternative jacket, as well as, an application card for a lottery raffle where you could win one of the following items: Sugarless II jacket picture A, Sugarless II artist picture B, "NOBODY KNOWS" video clip picture, or a Suga Shikao guitar pick. The album reached #6 on the Oricon weekly charts and charted for 8 weeks.

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