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THE PREDATORS promoting Monster in my head (2012)

THE PREDATORS (ザ・プレデターズ) is a three-piece Japanese rock band. They debuted in 2005 under the three mountain records label. In 2008, the group transferred to avex trax. In 2010 Nakayama left the group and was replaced with Takahashi Hirotaka, a member of ELLEGARDEN.


Former Members


JIRO of the J-Rock band GLAY became a fan of the popular J-Rock band the pillows since their RUNNERS HIGH tour in 1999, and he soon established a friendship with Yamanaka Sawao, the lead guitarist and vocalist of the pillows. In 2001, Sawao and JIRO did a cover of a Nirvana song, and since then they had wanted to work on a project together. In 2004, JIRO participated in the recording of the pillows' 15th anniversary tribute album SYNCHRONIZED ROCKERS, where he met Nakayama Shinpei from STRAIGHTENER. JIRO saw his drumming style and thought his drumming skills were really good. Eventually JIRO and Sawao asked Shinpei if he wanted to form a band together, and he was very interested. The formation of the band was officially announced in print and on radio on May 14, 2005. THE PREDATORS founded their own label, three mountain records, and released their debut mini-album, Hunting!!!!.





Band Scores

huntingband.jpg kibaband.jpg worldband.jpg

  • [2005.11.14] Hunting!!!!: Band Score
  • [2008.12.20] Kiba wo Misero: Band Score
  • [2010.08.11] THIS WORLD: Band Score

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