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Tatsurou (逹瑯) is the vocalist and lyricist of the band MUCC.


  • Stagename: Tatsurou (逹瑯; ex-TATOO)
  • Real Name: Iwakami Tatsurou
  • Birthday: August 21st, 1979
  • Birthplace: Mito, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan
  • Blood Type: A
  • Height: 182 cm
  • Weight: 61 kg
  • Perfume: Golche
  • Hobbies: Future planning, blood donating, protecting, teasing, bikes & pets
  • Family: Father and mother who are both hair beauty artists and two older brothers.
  • Liked Type: Girl with beautiful skin and hair. Cute girl
  • Disliked Type: Noisy girl
  • Admired Musician: Sakurai Atsushi of BUCK-TICK
  • Favorite CD: Ibaraki Kaigi Vol. 1
  • Favorite Manga: "Vagabond", "QP", "Hajime no Ippo", "Tsurumoku Dokushinryou"
  • Favorite Food: Oshishi, ramen, pizza
  • Disliked Food: Atomic bomb
  • Favorite soccer Team: Urawa Reds


When this guy was small he was trouble and mischief-maker. He's a talented in drawing and you can see the samples, example the comics he has drawn from MUCC which were relased on their beatsuffle shows. In his school times he dreamed of becoming a hair beauty artist, just like his mom and dad. Both of his older brothers changed his music taste a lot, like playing bands like The Blue Hearts to Tatsurou. Some of thse bands still are his favorite ones.

His first performance was in the school Cultural festival with SATOchi as a drummer. He also recieved 'HAPPY-NEW-YEAR-CARD' from SATOchi right after the performance and decided to become a singer. He met Miya at the concert and later other members, and on 1997 they formed MUCC.

Tatsurou's voice is incredible and versatile. He has way to sing so painfully about emotions, but he can also make soft sound to songs. He can also scream brutally and growl. Even if he changes his voice, you can ALWAYS hear when this guy is singing. He also had vocal training as student.

Tatsurou writes MUCC's lyrics together with Miya, other members don't write them at all. He's also good frind of Daisuke (Kagerou) and Gara (Merry) and also Miyavi.

Tatsurou also had a side project, BLUCK-TLICK, a cover band for BUCK-TICK. It's members are/were Yuu (MERRY), aie (deadman), Lay (ex-Fatima), Tsuyoshi (ex-Kalimero). In 2012, he joined the Halloween project HALLOWEEN JUNKY ORCHESTRA.



  • [2004.11.xx] Zy.[zi:] No.19 (Cover, Feature, Video & Poster)

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