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Utsukushiki Redrum

From generasia
Limited Edition A Cover
Limited Edition B Cover
Regular Edition Cover
Utsukushiki REDRUM (美しきREDRUM)
Catalog Number
KICM-91358 (Limited Edition A)
KICM-91359 (Limited Edition B)
KICM-1360 (Regular Edition)
¥1,575 (Limited Editions)
¥1,260 (Regular Edition)
Limited Editions CD Tracklist
  1. Utsukushiki REDRUM (美しきREDRUM; Beautiful MURDER)
  2. blue page ~Bokura no Real~ (僕らのリアル; The Real Us)
Limited Edition A DVD Tracklist
  1. Utsukushiki REDRUM (美しきREDRUM) (PV)
Limited Edition B DVD Tracklist
  1. Utsukushiki REDRUM (美しきREDRUM) (PV (Happy Spring Tour 2011 "kidd’s now" @ 5/21 Akasaka BLITZ))
Regular Edition CD Tracklist
  1. Utsukushiki REDRUM (美しきREDRUM)
  2. blue page ~Bokura no Real~ (僕らのリアル)
  3. Kaze no Elegy (風のエレジー; Elegy of the Wind)


"Utsukushiki REDRUM" is the fourth major and 12th overall single released by THE KIDDIE. It was released in three different versions: a regular CD only edition that comes with the B-side song "Kaze no Elegy" and two limited CD+DVD editions (A & B). Limited edition A comes with a DVD of the title song's standard music video, while limited edition B comes with a live version of the music video with footage taken from their first DVD release THE KIDDIE Happy Spring Tour 2011 "kidd's now" TOUR FINAL AKASAKA BLITZ, which was released a few weeks prior to this single. The single reached #21 on the Oricon weekly charts, where it charted for one week, selling 3,233 copies.

Song Information

THE KIDDIE promoting the single
Other Information
Arrangement: THE KIDDIE

Oricon Chart Positions

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- 16 23 29 22 x x 21 3,233

Total Reported Sales: 3,233

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