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V2 was a short-lived project between X JAPAN's YOSHIKI and Komuro Tetsuya. In this band, YOSHIKI composed and played piano and drums, while Komuro sang and played piano and keyboards.




Sharing a common break in their musical careers in 1991, the two decided to join forces to produce a single, a PV, and a live concert. The one single is called "Haitoku no Hitomi - Eyes of Venus". The PV is put together as if it were a live concert, but it isn't a true live. The audio from the studio recording is dubbed over the "live performance." This performance recorded for the PV is also not at all related to V2's only concert. As far as the concert is concerned, there is little to no info available. It is assumed that V2 played the two songs from their single, some from YOSHIKI's repetoire, and some from Komura's.

Interestingly enough, in 2002, YOSHIKI and Komuro joined forces yet again when Komuro asked the bandless YOSHIKI (who had just recovered from the tragedy behind X Japan's breakup and hide's death) to join his band, globe. Currently YOSHIKI is still a member of globe and has composed several songs for them already.



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