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Yeoljeong (My Everything)

Single Cover
Chun Sang Ji Hee The Grace
Yeoljeong (My Everything) (열정; Passion)
  1. Yeoljeong (My Everything) (열정; Passion)
  2. The Final Sentence
  3. Iris (Hal Mari Isseoyo) (할 말이 있어요; I Have Something to Say)
  4. Faith (George Michael cover)
  5. Yeoljeong (My Everything) (Radio Edit Version) (열정; Passion)


"Yeoljeong (My Everything)" is Chun Sang Ji Hee The Grace's third Korean single. For this single, the title track was a ballad and all members had a softer image, the music video for it featured Kibum of Super Junior as the male lead and Yoona of Girls' Generation as the female lead. A Japanese version of the title track was later included on the group fifth Japanese single. The single charted at #30 and sold 2,447 copies.

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