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Kibum promoting SORRY, SORRY (2009)

Kibum (기범) is a Korean Pop singer and actor. Before his official debut with Super Junior, he appeared on the dorama April Kiss in 2004. He is currently focused on his career as an actor and he has not joined Super Junior activities since the release of their third album SORRY, SORRY in March 2009.




  • [2004] Elite School Uniform - "Basic"
  • [2005] KTF Enterprise
  • [2005] Hyundai Motors - NF Sonata
  • [2005] Crown Confectionery - My Chew
  • [2006] SKC&C 'PMP'
  • [2006] Ottogi


  • He resided in the United States for five years and attended Santa Monica High School in California.
  • He has an IQ of 138 as shown on the episode of Heroine 6 on July 2nd, 2006.
  • He stars in the dorama Snow Flower. The role was originally made for Dong Bang Shin Ki's member Max, but he had to pull out due the group's tight schedule.
  • He lives in a dorm with Heechul and Hankyung separate from the other members.

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