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The Renaissance (Super Junior)

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Super Junior
The Renaissance
  1. SUPER
  2. House Party
  3. Burn The Floor
  4. Paradox
  5. Closer
  6. Uriege (The Melody) (우리에게; To Us)
  7. Sarangi Meotji Anhge (Raining Spell for Love) (Remake ver.) (사랑이 멎지 않게; Can't Stop My Love)
  8. Mystery
  9. Gati Geoleulkka (More Days with You) (같이 걸을까; Should We Walk Together)
  10. Hayan Geojitmal (Tell Me Baby) (하얀 거짓말; White Lie)


The Renaissance is the tenth album released by Super Junior. The song "House Party" was used as the lead track. It was originally scheduled to be released in December 2020 but was postponed to make a more complete album. On February 1, 2021, it was announced that the album would be delayed again, from its February 16, 2021 date to March 16th due to unavoidable circumstances.

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