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Mr. Simple (album)

Version A Back/Digital Cover
Version B Front Cover
Version B Back Cover
Super Junior
Mr. Simple
2011.08.03 (Version A)
2011.08.24 (Version B)
  1. SUPERMAN (Version B only)
  2. Mr. Simple
  3. Opera (오페라)
  4. Lalalala (Be My Girl) (라라라라)
  5. Walkin'
  6. Pokpung (Storm) (폭풍)
  7. Eoneusae Uri (Good Friends) (어느새 우리;Suddenly We Are)
  8. Gyeoltu (Feels Good) (결투; Duel)
  9. Giyeokeul Ddara (Memories) (기억을 따라; Remembering Good)
  10. Haebaragi (Sunflower) (해바라기)
  11. Eongddung Hansangsang (White Christmas) (엉뚱한상상; Imagining a Wrong)
  12. Y
  13. My Love, My Kiss, My Heart
  14. Tai Wanmei (태완미(太完美; Perfection)) / (Super Junior-M) (Version A only)

Front/Digital Cover
Back Cover

Super Junior
  2. A-CHA
  3. Mr. Simple
  4. Oops!! feat. f(x)
  5. Harue (A Day) (하루에)
  6. Andante (안단테)
  7. Opera (오페라)
  8. Lalalala (Be My Girl) (라라라라)
  9. Walkin'
  10. Pokpung (Storm) (폭풍)
  11. Eoneusae Uri (Good Friends) (어느새 우리)
  12. Gyeoltu (Feels Good) (결투)
  13. Giyeokeul Ddara (Memories) (기억을 따라)
  14. Haebaragi (Sunflower) (해바라기)
  15. Eongddung Hansangsang (White Christmas) (엉뚱한상상)
  16. Y
  17. My Love, My Kiss, My Heart

Mr. Simple is Super Junior's fifth album. The title track "Mr. Simple" was released digitally one day before the album. Later, on August 24th, a type B of the album was released with a new track, "SUPERMAN". The "A Version" of the album was released in ten different editions, each one featuring one member of Super Junior for the cover. One moth later Mr. Simple's repackaged album, A-CHA, was released. The repackaged album includes four new songs, the title and lead track "A-CHA", "Oops!!" featuring f(x), "Harue (A Day)" and "Andante".

The album won the Disk Daesang (Album of the Year) at the Golden Disk Awards and Seoul Music Awards, as well as the Album of the Year at the Mnet Asian Music Awards. The album, including the repackaged version, is listed as the 2nd best-selling album of the year for 2011. According to Gaon Chart, as of the end of December 2012, the album has sold a cumulative total of 543,623 copies domestically, turning into Super Junior's best-selling album to date.

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