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Anata no Subete ni Naritai

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Matsuda Seiko
Anata no Subete ni Naritai (あなたのすべてになりたい)
Matsuda Seiko (Japanese)
Alan Reed (English)
Matsuda Seiko
Other Information
Arrangement: Toriyama Yuuji

"Anata no Subete ni Naritai" is a song recorded by Matsuda Seiko, first A-side of her 31st single "Anata no Subete ni Naritai / Shinin' Shinin'". It was used as insert song for Matsuda's self-starred dorama Otona no Sentaku. An English version of the song, renamed to "Forever Your Everything", was included on her 23rd album A Time for Love as track #5.