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Erie promoting Dream's "Konna ni mo" (2015)

Erie (エリエ) is a Japanese pop singer, dancer and DJ. She joined Dream in 2002 through an audition held by avex in search of new members.




E-girls Song Participation
Erie promoting E-girls' E.G. TIME (2015)
As vocalist
As performer


Music Video


  • She is half-Japanese, half-Korean.
  • Abe appeared in a commercial for avex's 2002 nationwide talent search. In the video, Abe appeared to be auditioning for the label and performed dream's "SINCERELY -ever dream-".
  • Former Representative Number: 03
  • Former Representative Color: Light Blue
  • Favorite Movies: I Am Legend, District 9, 28 Weeks Later, The Human Centipede, Bolt, Air Buddy
  • Favorite Artist: Michael Jackson
  • Charm Point: Muscles
  • Likes horror movies and zombies
  • In that past she was chubby and was nicknamed "エリブタ" (Eri-pig)
  • Dream: For E-girls to do a zombie-themed music video

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