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Shizuka (Dream)

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Shizuka promoting Dream's "Konna ni mo" (2015)

Shizuka (しずか) is a Japanese pop singer and dancer. She is a former member of the girl groups Dream and E-girls. She is currently active as a member of DANCE EARTH PARTY. When she first joined the group, in July 2002, Shizuka was a supporting vocalist and backup dancer. Later on, she took dance lessons with member Erie, and subsequently, she was more recognized for her dance ability. Since Dream's rebirth in 2009 as a 6-member group, she has been featured prominently as a main vocalist alongside member Aya. She become the leader of the group after Kana left.

Shizuka left E-girls & Dream also disbanded in June 2017.


  • Stage Name: Shizuka (しずか)
  • Birth Name: Nishida Shizuka (西田静香)
  • Nicknames: Shi-chan (しーちゃん), Shi-tan (しーたん)
  • Date of Birth: March 6, 1988 (1988-03-06) (age 29)
  • Place of Birth: Osaka Prefecture, Japan
  • Blood Type: O
  • Bands / Groups:


E-girls Song Participation

Shizuka promoting E-girls' E.G. TIME (2015)




  • She is a graduate of the dance/vocal school, CALESS in Osaka.
  • Former Representative Number: 06
  • Former Representative Color: Blue
  • Describes herself as a tsundere type who lacks self-awareness.
  • Likes: Doing her nails, playing with machinery, collecting bags, reading, Western food
  • Charm Point: Eyes