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Morning Cop ~Daite Hold on Me!~ (soundtrack)

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CD Cover
Morning Musume & Heike Michiyo
Morning Cop ~Daite HOLD ON ME!~ (モーニング刑事。 抱いてHOLD ON ME!)
Catalog Number
  1. Dakedo Aishisugite -Mix for Screen- (だけど 愛しすぎて -Mix for Screen-) (Heike Michiyo)
  2. Onegai Nail (おねがいネイル) (Morning Musume & Heike Michiyo)
  3. Yoroshiku! (ヨロシク!) (Morning Musume)
  4. Koi no ABC (恋のABC) (Morning Musume)
  5. Tsuyoku Naranakucha...ne (強くならなくちゃ...ね) (Heike Michiyo)
  6. Daite HOLD ON ME! ~Sexy Long version~ (抱いて HOLD ON ME!- Sexy Long version-) (Morning Musume)


"Morning Cop ~Daite HOLD ON ME!~" is the soundtrack for the film of the same title released on the zetima label. Both the CD and the movie featured Morning Musume and Hello! Project soloist Heike Michiyo. The soundtrack reached #18 on the Oricon weekly charts and sold 26,350 in it's first week with 41,330 sold to date.

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