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Morning Musume Concert Tour 2013 Aki ~Chance!~

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DVD Cover
Blu-ray Cover
Morning Musume
DVD / Blu-ray
Morning Musume Concert Tour 2013 Aki ~CHANCE!~ (モーニング娘。コンサートツアー2013秋 ~CHANCE!~)
Catalog Number
EPBE-5478 (DVD)
EPXE-5045 (Blu-ray)
¥4,200 (DVD)
¥5,250 (Blu-ray)
  2. Wakuteka Take a chance (updated) (ワクテカ Take a chance)
  3. Ai no Gundan (愛の軍団)
  4. MC
  5. Wolf Boy (ウルフボーイ)
  6. Moonlight night ~Tsukiyo no Ban da yo~ (Moonlight night ~月夜の晩だよ~)
  7. THE Manpower!!! (updated) (THE マンパワー!!!)
  8. MC
  9. Makeru Kishinai Kon'ya no Shoubu (負ける気しない 今夜の勝負)
  10. Help me!!
  11. MC
  12. I WISH (updated)
  13. Aruiteru (updated) (歩いてる) ~ Lalala no Pipipi (ラララのピピピ) (Michishige Sayumi solo)
  14. Ren'ai Hunter (updated) (恋愛ハンター)
  15. MC
  16. Ijiwaru Shinaide Dakishimete yo (イジワルしないで 抱きしめてよ) (Juice=Juice)
  17. MC
  18. Ee ka!? (ええか!?) (S/mileage)
  19. The☆Pea~ce! (updated) (ザ☆ピ~ス!)
  20. Medley (メドレー)
  21. MC
  22. One・Two・Three (updated)
  23. Brainstorming (updated) (ブレインストーミング)
  24. MC
  25. Wagamama Ki no Mama Ai no Joke (わがまま 気のまま 愛のジョーク)
  1. What is LOVE?
  2. MC
  3. OK YEAH!


Morning Musume Concert Tour 2013 Aki ~CHANCE!~ is a DVD and Blu-ray released by Morning Musume. It features footage from their autumn 2013 concert tour on November 28, 2013 at Nippon Budokan.

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