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SKE48 (2017)

SKE48 is an idol girl group produced by Akimoto Yasushi. They are signed to avex trax, and were formerly signed to Lantis & CROWN GOLD labels. SKE48 regularly perform the stage show at Sunshine Sakae in Nagoya.



SKE48 promoting Choco no Dorei (2013)
SKE48 promoting Utsukushii Inazuma (2013)

In the Summer of 2008, Akimoto Yasushi started his plan to expand AKB48 to the entire country of Japan by starting in Nagoya. 22 members were chosen and 15 of these girls debuted with former AKB48 Kenkyuusei Nakanishi Yuuka and Deguchi Aki as Team S. 11 year old Matsui Jurina was chosen as senbatsu and center for AKB48's 10th major single Oogoe Diamond, and SKE48 started performing regularly in the SUNSHINE SAKAE theater. Even before they could release a single, Suzuki Kirara of Team S graduated in November 2008 having only to perform their first stage.

In April 2009, 23 new girls were chosen as the candidates for the new SKE48 team, KII. 1st generation kenkyuusei Sato Seira and Team S member Sato Mieko were chosen to join Team KII and Mori Sayuki was added to Team S.

In August 2009, SKE48 released their first single Tsuyoki Mono yo on Lantis. It did not have senbatsu, and instead featured Team S on the A-side and Team KII as the B-side. Shortly after this Team S lost another member, Takai Tsukina graduated citing to focus on her studies.

In November 2009, a third generation was announced and 13 members were added to Kenkyuusei.

In December 2009, Maeda Eiko from Team KII transferred to the newly debuted sister group, SDN48 for idols who are above 18 years old. Also in this time, Yamashita Moe graduated from the group to become a graphic artist.

In February 2010, SKE48 Kenkyuusei began performing regularly in the theater.

In March 2010, SKE48 released its first single on CROWN GOLD. It featured a 7 person senbatsu. Also in March, 1st generation members Mori Sayuki and Shinkai Rina were demoted to Kenkyuusei, eventually to graduate in May 2010.

SKE48's 4th generation debuted in September 2010. 16 new Kenkyuusei were added to the group, bringing the total number of Kenkyuusei to 26.

On December 6, 2010, SKE48 announced the creation of Team E, using 16 kenkyuusei. 4 members of Team KII, Iguchi Shiori, Uchiyama Mikoto, Kit Momona and Saito Makiko were moved to Kenkyuusei. 4 remaining members of Kenkyuusei, Abiru Riho, Goto Risako, Hata Sawako and Yakata Miki were moved to Team KII. This was also the first time that SKE48 reached its goal of 48 official members.

On May 28, 2011, SKE48 announced that they were changing record labels to avex trax and their first single under their new label, Pareo wa Emerald would be released on July 27, 2011.

At their April 2013 Spring concert at Nippon Gaishi Hall SKE48 had their first team shuffle.


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