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Super Junior

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Super Junior promoting MAGIC (2015)
(L to R) Front: Ryeowook, Kyuhyun, Donghae, Yesung, Siwon
Back: Kang In, Eunhyuk, Heechul, Leeteuk

Super Junior (슈퍼주니어) is a twelve member (with two members currently on hiatus) Korean pop boy band under the SM Entertainment label and production agency. They are managed by producer Lee Soo Man and were the largest group under SM Entertainment for almost 7 years. They debuted in 2005 with the album SuperJunior05 (TWINS) as a twelve member group but added a thirteenth, Kyuhyun, in May of 2006 with the release of their single "U". They became well known after their hit 2009 song "Sorry, Sorry". In 2010, Chinese member Han Geng left the group, and Kibum left in 2015, making Super Junior a eleven member group. Super Junior's popularity has spread across Asia and they have held concerts in such places as Taiwan, Thailand and Japan.





  • Han Geng (Vocalist & Lead Dancer)
  • Kibum (Lead Rapper, Vocalist)



2005 - 2006: Debut, first album and "U"

Super Junior promoting "U" (2006)

Before the group settled with their current name, the company labeled them as simply Junior, a representation of the members' young ages when they first joined SM Entertainment. However, after the members' showcased their different talents to the company, their company finalized their name to Super Junior. Soon the group became officially Super Junior 05, the first generation of Super Junior. Super Junior had been known for their line-up, a concept being very similar to Japan's girl group Morning Musume. Intended to be a rotational group, there was to be new members replacing some of the old members each year, forming a new Super Junior generation every time.

Super Junior first performed as a group on November 6, 2005 on SBS Inkigayo, where they performed songs from their debut album, SuperJunior05 (TWINS). Soon after the release of their album, Super Junior collaborated with fellow SM Entertainment group Dong Bang Shin Ki and released the single "Show Me Your Love". At the same time Super Junior continued to promote songs from their first album.

On May 23, 2006, SM Entertainment revealed a new member Kyuhyun, who was discovered through a singing competition in 2005, as the thirteenth and youngest member. The new thirteen-member group released their new single, "U", online for free download on May 25, 2006 in Super Junior's official website. "U" had over 400 thousand downloads within five hours of release and it ultimately exceeded 1.7 million downloads, crashing the server. The physical edition of "U", with a total of three tracks, was released on June 6, 2006, eventually selling over 81,000 units by 2007.

At that time, Super Junior K.R.Y., the first subgroup of Super Junior that debuted on November 5, 2006, began to give separate performances away from the group to promote their new songs in the latter months of 2006.

2007: Subgroups and Don't Don!

In February a second subgroup, Super Junior-T, debuted. The group released their debut single "Rokkugo!!!" on February 23. Two months later, in April, Super Junior members participated on an original soundtrack for the first time, singing the opening and ending themes "Success" and "H.I.T" for the Korean drama, "H.I.T.

Super Junior promoting Don't Don! (2007)

On April 18th, 2007 Super Junior members Leeteuk, Eunhyuk, Shindong, and Kyuhyun were involved in a car accident. Kyuhyun was severely injured and suffered from a fractured hip, broken ribs, and various abrasions on his face. He was discharged 78 days later on July 5th, 2007. Leeteuk had glass impaled in his back and face, and had operations to remove the glass done by a plastic surgeon. Eunhyuk was also reported as having glass in his back, while Shindong walked out of the accident with only minor injuries. All activities were canceled for these four members. All Super Junior members, except Kyuhyun, managed to attend the 2007 Hollywood Bowl appearance in the United States.

On September 20th Super Junior released their second album Don't Don!. With this release they launched their new, much harder image, including shaved heads, black clothing, and lots of hair dye. Their first single from the album, the title track, featured a violin solo performed by Henry, a new SM Entertainment recruit raised in Canada.

For a while there was much speculation that Henry would be added to Super Junior. However, on October 2, 2007, SM Entertainment officially announced a third Super Junior sub-unit, Super Junior-M, a subgroup designated for the Chinese market, and Henry was part of it. The announcement of the new sub-unit created a controversy between the fans and the management as fans did not support to add new members to the subgroup. SM Entertainment further expounded on the fact that Super Junior's name should be considered a brand searching to unearth new talent worldwide. From October to December Super Junior worked on the project "Make the world a happy place with Super Junior" in which they participated and promoted various charity events including blood drives.

2008: Asia Tour and japanese debut

Super Junior promoting SUPER SHOW (2008)

Super Junior's first major tour, THE 1ST ASIA TOUR CONCERT ALBUM SUPER SHOW, started on February 22 to February 24 in Seoul. The tour covered nine different cities, including Bangkok, Shanghai, Beijing, Taipei, Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo, and Hong Kong.

Super Junior-Happy made an unofficial debut performance on May 3, 2008 at the Power Concert although they had not formally introduced themselves as the subgroup at the time. On May 30, SM Entertainment released the official announcement of the subgroup through news agency Newsen. The subgroup's first mini-album, COOKING? COOKING!, was released on June 5, 2008. The music video for their title track was released on that same day.

On June 7, Super Junior-Happy debuted performing their first single at the 2008 Dream Concert. On the day before their debut, the subgroup held their first sign fan meeting to celebrate the success of the sales of COOKING? COOKING!. On the morning of June 6, over thousands of fans lined up for tickets to the fan meet, overcrowding the streets. Close to 10,000 copies were sold by the first week of release. According to the Music Industry Association of Korea, the mini-album sold 20,978 by the end of June and was ranked fifth in the monthly charts.

On July, the group announced that Super Junior will end subgroup activities at the end of the year and will come together to prepare for their third studio album, which was slated to release in 2009. Super Junior's held their Japan fanmeeting in the Nippon Budokan in Tokyo as a celebration for the grand opening of their official Japanese homepage that was opened on April 1, 2008.

Their first Japanese single "U/TWINS", was released in Japan on July 9, 2008. The single peaked at #4 on Japan's Oricon Daily Chart in its first day of release. The single broke a new record for being the first single from a Korean group to debut in top 10 on Japan's Oricon Weekly charts.

On August 2, Super Junior expanded their routes to Genting Highlands, Malaysia, being one of the top guest performers at the MTV Asia Awards 2008. They were the third SM artist to win "Favorite Artist Korea" at the MTV Asia Awards after Kangta and BoA.

On August 3, Super Junior-Happy started the promotions of their second lead track, "Pajama Party". The music video was released on August 4, 2008. "Pajama Party" promotions only lasted a month, and promotions for the mini-album officially ended on September 7, 2008.

On November 5, Super Junior-T debuted in Japan with the release of "ROCK&GO", a Japanese version of their debut Korean single. It was also a collaboration effort with Japanese comedic duo Moeyan.

Super Junior promoting SORRY, SORRY (2009)

2009: Sorry, Sorry and Second Asia Tour

Super Junior's third album, SORRY, SORRY, was released on March 12, 2009 with acclaimed reviews. The title track of the album, "SORRY, SORRY" was digitally released on March 9, 2009. In less than a week after preorders were announced, over 150,000 copies were pre-ordered. SORRY, SORRY was their first album to debut at #1 on the Hanteo Charts, and it sold over 29,000 copies the first day, defeating Seo Taiji's record of 25,000 copies.

Promotions for the album started March 13 with the performance of "SORRY, SORRY" and "Niga Joheun Iyu" on Music Bank. Two weeks later, "SORRY, SORRY" became the number one song of the week on the same program. During the group's performance on music program Inkigayo on March 15, ratings went up to as high as 14%, the highest in recent years. From March to May, "SORRY, SORRY" collected a total of ten #1 awards with consecutive wins in Korea, having the single becoming a national and international success.

Only a month after it's release, the album became South Korea's best-selling album of 2009. SORRY, SORRY was also a critically and commercially successful hit in other Asian countries, opting the group to become the only overseas representative for the second time at Taiwan's annual Golden Melody Awards. SORRY, SORRY was a best-selling Korean-language album in Taiwan, Thailand, China, and the Philippines, in which the latter listed the album to be the first K-pop album to reach #1 in music charts from the country.

Super Junior won three awards in the 1st MNET Asian Music Awards "Overseas Viewers Award", "Mobile Popularity Award" and "CGV Popularity Award", despite not attending. Super Junior's SORRY, SORRY won Daesang at the 2009 Golden Disk Awards.

On December 10, 2009, a music video called "SORRY, SORRY - Answer" was released through SM Entertainment's YouTube page. The song was included on their second live album, The 2nd ASIA TOUR CONCERT ALBUM SUPER SHOW 2, also released on the same date.

In th end of the year, selected member of Super Junior released the single "SEOUL" in a collaboration with also selected member of Girls' Generation.


  • Official Fanclub: E.L.F (Everlasting Friends)
  • Official Color: Pearl Sapphire Blue

Korean Discography

Super Junior promoting Miina (BONAMANA) (2010)
Super Junior promoting Mr. Simple (2011)
Super Junior promoting Sexy, Free & Single (2012)
Super Junior promoting Blue World (2013)
Super Junior promoting MAMACITA (2014)
Super Junior promoting DEVIL (2015)


Live Albums


Digital Singles

Collaboration Digital Singles

Video Releases

Compilations / Other

Japanese Discography



Live Albums


Video Releases

Other Video Releases






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  • [2008.12.12] Boys in City Season 2 - Tokyo
  • [2010.05.14] Boys In City Season 3 - Hong Kong
  • [2012.11.08] Boys In City Season 4 - Paris
  • [2013.11.20] Super Junior Memory in Hawaii: Aloha
  • [2013.12.06] Super Junior Memory in Hawaii: Mahalo


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Awards & Achievements

E.L.F.s during a Super Junior concert
Note: This is an incomplete list
  • 2006 - M.NET/KM Music Festival (Best New Group)
  • 2006 - Golden Disk Awards (Best New Group & Best Music Video)
  • 2006 - SBS Popular Songs Mutizen Song (U (3 weeks) Dancing Out (1 week))
  • 2006 - M.NET M!Countdown 1st Place (U (2 weeks) & Dancing Out (1 week))
  • 2006 - Korean Television Arts Awards (Best Group)
  • 2006 - Korean Visual Arts Awards (Most Photogenic)
  • 2006 - Digital Music Awards (Best New Group)
  • 2006 - SBS Song Awards (Best New Male Group)
  • 2007 - M.NET/KM Music Festival (Artist of the Year, Auction Netizen Popularity & Netizen and Mobile Popularity)
  • 2007 - Golden Disk Awards (Top 10 Artists & TPL Anycall Popularity)
  • 2007 - Summer Break 20's Choice Awards (Best New Asian Artist, Best Group, Best Dresser at Blue Carpet, Best Performance (Haengbok), Best Pretty Boy (Heechul), Best Bad Boy (Kangin)
  • 2007 - M.NET M!Countdown 1st Place (Don't Don (1 week)
  • 2007 - MTV Seoul Song Awards (Best New Group & Mobile Popularity)
  • 2007 - Asia SEED Awards (Best New Asian Artist)
  • 2007 - Asia Song Festival (Appreciation Award)
  • 2007 - Korean Performing Arts Award (Best Male Dance Artists)
  • 2007 - Korea Best Dresser Swan Awards (Best Dressed Singer)
  • 2007 - Korean Popular Entertainment Award (New Generation Artist of the Year)
  • 2007 - Tencent Stars Magnificent Ceremony (Asia's Artist of the Year)
  • 2008 - MTV Asia Awards (Favorite Artist Korea)
  • 2008 - Asia Model Award Ceremony (Entertainment: Asia Special Award)
  • 2008 - Seoul Music Awards (Top Artist & Mobile Popularity)
  • 2008 - Music King Awards (Asia's Most Popular New Group (Super Junior-M)
  • [2013.12.15] KoreanUpdates Awards: Best Boyband
  • [2015.01.22] 24th Seoul Music Awards: Bonsang

TV Music Shows

Dancing Out
Don't Don!
Sorry, Sorry
Neorago (It's You)
Miina (Bonamana)
Neo Gateun Saram Tto Eopseo (No Other)
Mr. Simple
Sexy, Free & Single
Mamacita (Ayaya)

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