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CLIFF EDGE promoting for You (2010)

CLIFF EDGE is a Japanese Hip-Hop group signed to KING RECORDS. The group made their indie debut in 2005 with the single "Kisetsu Makaseni Hano Bashite ~Aki ist~". In 2006, they signed a major record deal with Universal Music Japan and made their major label debut with the mini-album BIRTH, but after the group collaboration with MAY'S, a mini-album called Dear..., they signed a record deal with KING RECORDS, where they would release the group's debut album, to You.



CLIFF EDGE promoting to You (2008)
CLIFF EDGE promoting "Namidaboshi" (2009)

Studio Albums


Cover Albums

  • [2015.08.05] Oh! ENKA (Cover Mini-Album)

Concept Albums

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Note: for NATURAL 8 releases, see NATURAL 8.

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